Welcome to Eclectic Perspective! Our aim is to provide a new and imaginative perspective on life through exploration. Spawned from the mind of a writer with a passion for magical realism and a photographer with a passion for anthropology, Eclectic Perspective is a unique blog that delves deeply into the aspects of life that make us (and maybe you) tick.

 Our Themes, the ways in which we categorize inspiration:

  • CitiCulture
  • La Discotheque
  • Cuisine
  • Photography

Our journey highlights an ongoing exploration of California, the Bay Area, and beyond. You can look forward to stunning images, travel tips, suggestions, and commentary on the unique bits and pieces of life in motion.

Thanks and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dan and Pippa: I really enjoy everything I have seen so far. Again, I’m not too well-versed on exactly how to navigate everything and to let you know how much I enjoy your photos, stories, pictures, etc. Since I cannot travel, I feel you are taking me on a guided tour of Europe. Keep it up. Aunt Sue Matalon

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