Green Fairy, Anyone?

Absinthe Depot Berlin Germany liquor

Care for a drink? How ’bout some Absinthe?

The Absinthe Depot is a must-do in Berlin if you have a slight interest in Absinthe or want to pick up a bottle of your favorite liquor. They have a huge selection of gleaming bottles, from St. Germain’s elderflower buzz to neon green bottles of Cannabis Absinthe (yes, they make that), the Depot will leave you feeling like you know a thing or two about spirits. Warm and cozy with old-fashioned golden wallpaper and a cheerful Brit welcoming you, this Absinthe bar emits a romantic and slightly risqué feel.

Absinthe, or “the green fairy” has a sordid past rife with addiction, prohibition, and depending on the country, revival. Germany lifted its ban on Absinthe in 1988 and since then various bars and tasting rooms have opened. The Absinthe Depot has a good selection for tasting on hand-between 3€-7€-and lets you enjoy the fabled drink with class.

Absinthe w/out Anis-seed, Absinthe Depot

No licorice? Yum.

Our group tried one glass sin-anise (without licorice) and one chalk-full for contrast. Anise is an acquired taste so trying a few kinds may be in your best interest. Don’t be deceived by the pleasant taste though, absinthe is strong and should be imbibed with care. If not you may find yourself floating in a dreamland with a headache in the morning.

Fun for liquor connoisseurs or interested travelers, this spot is cheap and easy, a great outing in the heart of Berlin.

  • English Friendly
  • No restrooms
  • No WiFi
  • Limited seating

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