Tri Stoleti

Charles Bridge Prague

Charles Bridge, to the right Tri Stoleti. Pretty, eh?

We wanted a solid Czech meal while walking through the castle of Prague. Authentic was the mindset, the word we had been told to seek out and consume. The Castle itself has only two real food options: touristy small-time vendors selling overpriced doner and romantic outdoor chairs next to hill-side vineyards selling super expensive decent meals. Neither was our thing.

By the time we reached the riverbank we were hungry. Ready for our authentic Czech meal, if we could only find a place. For this particular outing (I’m getting there I promise), we took a hint from TripAdvisor. It pointed us (literally) to a nearby restaurant called Tri Stoleti. It was tucked away among the small wandering streets, just a moments walk from the Charles Bridge, a major landmark in Prague.

A good-sized restaurant, Tri Stoleti felt like a modern take on quality Czech cuisine. We ate there for lunch, in October, and it seemed more of a dinner-in-summertime joint. So it was dead. For us, this was a wonderful thing. We walked in and had private service from the staff—got a little table next to a long fish runway. Two espressos later and our backpacks off, Tri Stoleti felt like quite the find.

We ordered two dishes: a soup called Kulajda and an (epic) entree called goulash.

Now, the soup was unknown to us—it said “bohemian” in the name and had a combination of herbs and ingredients we had never seen combined. Sour cream, a fried egg, potatoes. It was creamy and sweet and delicious. The egg and potatoes in particular were hearty and filling while the soup overall was very light. Different taste for our buds, well presented too.

Czech Goulash Prague, potato dumplingsThe goulash, unlike the soup, was recommended. Our Czech host told us this was the meal to try if we wanted Czech food. Here it was on the “Czech Specialties” section of the menu. It came out with green garnish and a thick maroon sauce. Huge chunks of beef paired with sliced potato dumplings and a side of bread to lap it all up. So good.

The meal was preceded by bread and a homemade pesto appetizer. The service was quick and friendly (unique for Prague’s reputation as a “testy” service area) and the food delicious. Not to mention the coffee which got us home in a well-energized manner.

Tri Stoleti is quite the find. So close to the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle would imply a high level of cost coupled with quality, but it was not expensive at all. If you find yourself on the bridge and care for a hot soup or solid meal, seek it out.

  • English Friendly
  • Toilettes
  • No WiFi
  • Ample Seating

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