Land’s End: Escape From the City of Noise

The hum of a city can creep into your skin. The endless flow of wheels on pavement, of six-second car alarms, of cops hooting and pedestrians blocking your every move. The simple act of parking your car, if you have a car, can turn into the ultimate test (and in my case, fail) of patience.

In Oakland, the city sure creeps. But in San Francisco, that golden dream across a bridge, there is no end to the level of mental and soul-sucking interfusion that can occur. I love these places, I really do, but sometimes you need quiet. You need peace. You need a strong gale of wind stretched into a wide expanse of land or sea and the calm loss of all that hulking metal.

In search of such invigorating peace I reached to the very edge of San Francisco: Land’s End. Yes, it’s a clothing brand, but in S.F. it’s the most northern, far reaching point the city has to offer.

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The Return of the Jedi(s) – Yes, We Became Jedis

It has been longer than either of us would have wanted. We have moved, we have settled. We have lost and gained jobs. We are no longer abroad, but living contentedly (and somewhat restlessly) in the Bay Area. And, we are happy to announce, we will be continuing in this photo-linguistic journey that is Eclectic Perspective!

Where have we moved, you might wonder?? Specifically, Oakland CA. Capital of bad streets, heavy gang activity, stunning roses, whisky induced straight razor shaves, Art Murmur, hearty canine populations, abundant hipsters, and well, a serious dose of Bay Area “cool.” Whatever that is, we’ve got it.

Anyway, I (Daniel) will be brief (for once)! This is a slow opening return. Content will be uploaded bi-weekly, and will include the above mentioned nefarious activities taking place in Oakland, as well as the broader Area. Concerts, hikes, museums, SF street festivals, and all the decadent splendors that this part of California has to offer. Also, the occasional foray into the sunny southern lands, and of course anything else we wish to say.

It’s good to be back. And it’s good to have lightsabers this time around. I think that will really change things.

-Eclectic Perspective