Meats and Sweets in the Czech Republic

There are many amazing things to see and do in Prague: bridge strolls at night, the castle at sunset, innumerable amounts of theater in epic churches. But the most satisfying of Prague delights is the food! Yes, really, the food! From savory to sweet there are a few edibles that we stumbled upon in the Czech Republic that cannot go unannounced!


Unfiltered Beer, Prague Czech RepublicI love beer. Mostly light, lime-oriented Mexican Lager (California girl). I would not call myself a connoisseur because most beers are too dark, too hoppy, and too bitter for my taste, so when we discovered unfiltered beer in Prague I approached it with an open mind, but a weary eye. It is a bit unsettling to see foggy beer. Yellow, foamy, and served in the largest glass you have ever seen (Thor sized?), it initially looked like quite the beverage. But upon tasting it I was surprised! A powerful smell, thick body, and incredible flavor all led me to another half-liter. Unfiltered beer may not look normal, but it is incredibly tasty. Our amazing hosts let us know that unfiltered beer is actually quite common in Prague and made me a true convert in one outing.

Icing on the cake: after doing some research I found that unfiltered beer holds more vitamins than filtered, which certainly helps with that (almost mandatory) hang-over!

Main Dish

For meat lovers only! Goulash is a food which you have probably heard of but never really understood. The word goulash makes me think soup…stew…mush? Perhaps a fictional meal eaten in a fictional time? Alas I was wrong. Goulash is indeed real. And even better, it is delicious!

Czech Goulash Prague, potato dumplingsTraditionally Hungarian goulash can be found in many countries in Eastern Europe, and in Prague we had the delight of enjoying it at Tri Stoleti. Prepared with tender beef, a dark red paprika-laced sauce, onions, and the most amazing sliced dumplings—mmmmm. We were blown away by the pleasing, unique flavor. And the dumplings. I mentioned them, right?

Although this dish is traditional, it is also a shape-shifter. Goulash can come to the table with different meats, different vegetables, and (gasp!) different dumplings—from bar-room stew to five star restaurants, you never quite know what you will get. Unless there is a picture. Then you know.

Although we loved Tri Stoleti’s goulash we also eyed goulash in a bread-bowl and goulash made with pasta—right after our meal, right in the city center of Prague. What could be more fun then wondering which style you will get next, especially when it is so good!


Trdelnik Prague Czech RepublicTrdelník: an awkward word for an amazing sweet treat. Trdelník is essentially a donut prepared in a much more tourist-friendly way. And maybe a little (very little) better for you.

Trdelník consists of thin dough wrapped around a wooden stick and roasted over a flame, then doused in sugar and cinnamon–served warm. This affordable treat is a must-try in Prague. There are vendors lining the city center near, especially near the Prague Astronomical Clock. This treat is perfect when enjoyed with a hot espresso or shared on a stroll through the beautiful city at night.

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